Financial Planning Worksheets

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    10 Common IRA Mistakes from John Hancock

    IRA's have specific rules and it's important you know them. Use this guide to enhance your knowledge of IRA's and their rules.
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    Federal Employee Benefits Report with Net Income Analysis

    How much is your pension worth? What about your FERS Special Supplement? We can run you a personalized Federal Benefits Report and can also analyze your Net (after-tax) income in retirement and how much you should expect to live on. Please note that this sample report is generic and is not a recommendation.
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    Financial Needs Analysis

    This comprehensive financial plan is tailored to your specific financial needs. We can run detailed reports that will give you the tools and strategies you need to establish and reach your financial goals.
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    John Hancock Lessons for Life

    Helping Young Investors Plan for a Better Future!
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    MorningStar Illustration

    Morningstar illustrations are a great tool to analyze how your portfolio is doing with the overall markets. We can run them for you on your current portfolio or any recommendation. Please note this is a sample and not intended as a recommendation.
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    Social Security Timing Client Brochure

    There are many strategies for timing your Social Security Benefits and this brochure gives you a quick overview of the importance of understanding your Social Security options and strategies.
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    Social Security Timing Report

    Social Security timing is a great tool to maximize your social security benefit. We can illustrate different scenarios for you using our social security timing reports. Please note this is a sample and not intended as a recommendation.
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    Social Security Timing Workbook

    Timing your Social Security payments to maximize your SS income is important if you expect longevity. If you're married, and both qualify for Social Security, you may have hundreds of options for optimizing your SS Income. This book explains the strategies in greater detail.
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