Live Training with The Federal Executive Board of Minnesota
FERS Benefits, Retirement Benefits and TSP Training Mid to Late Career

Recommended for Federal Employees who plan on retiring in the next year to fifteen years.  This course will cover all the topics and information you'll need to get ready for retirement.

FERS LEO/ATC/FF Benefits, Retirement Benefits and TSP Training

Specialized benefits training for all FERS Law Enforcement Officer, Air Traffic Controllers and Firefighters. We will train on:  your pensions and their special rules, the Thrift Savings Plan and special rules for LEO's/ATC/FF, Survivor Pensions, federal health insurance, federal life insurance, Social Security and Medicare.

FERS New-to-Mid Career Federal Benefits & TSP Training

Recommended for Federal Employees who have zero to fifteen years of federal employee service. 

CSRS Late Career Retirement Benefits Training

Recommended for CSRS and CSRS Offset Employees getting ready for retirement and want to understand how to best take their federal employee benefits into retirement.  We will cover your pensions, survivor pension, federal health/life, Social Security special rules for CSRS/CSRS Offset and Medicare.