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Fee Based Planning

You're building wealth and planning for the future!  Use our expertise and technology to compliment your personal planning.  

Free One Hour Consultation 

Everyone receives a free one hour consultation with a Certified Financial Planner for an analysis prior to establishing a plan for ongoing support.   During the one hour free analysis we will help you with your immediate financial planning questions and provide a summary of our recommendations.  When appropriate, we will also provide financial planning reports.  

Your Comprehensive Analysis, Financial Reports Tailored to You and Our Recommendations to Help You Reach Your Goals:  

After you complete the initial free consultation you may require a more thorough analysis.  We can analyze your total financial picture by discussing your plans, financial goals, workplace benefits, investments, debts and other financial considerations.   Over a two to three meeting process we will deliver your financial planning reports with a full summary to help you implement the strategies.  We are happy to provide ongoing analysis and follow-up meetings as necessary.   We utilize our eMoney financial planning technology to analyze your current situation, and forecast multiple retirement scenarios.  

Your Federal Employee Retirement Package

At the initial free consultation you will be provided with advice and guidance on how to manage your valuable federal employee benefits.  You will receive a federal benefits report with strategies for making the most of your federal benefits both now and in retirement.  The federal benefits report is part of the free consultation.     

For people/couples seeking a more detailed and comprehensive plan for transitioning into retirement comfortably we can provide advice on coordinating your investments, benefits, spouse's benefits and other financial considerations into a comprehensive five year plan.  Over a two meeting process we listen, discuss and will provide detailed reports with recommendations for making an excellent retirement.  

We are specialists on the FERS, CSRS, FERS Special Groups (LEO/FF/ATC), and CSRS Offset benefits systems.  We will discuss and provide advice about your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Federal Health Insurance, Federal Employee Group Life Insurance, Federal Pensions and more.  

The Subscription Model 

After you complete the initial free consultation you may choose to partner with us for ongoing support.  With the Subscription Model we will discuss your financial goals, your investments, your debt, and how to use appropriate risk weighted investments to reach your retirement goals.  At our second meeting we will provide detailed financial planning reports with our advice on how to utilize the reports and advice to best reach your goals.  

We employ the eMoney financial planning technology to help analyze and prescribe a plan of action.  You will be provided online access to our secure eMoney platform to track your plan, your investments, and balance sheet.  In addition, you will have the ongoing support of a trusted Certified Financial Planner who is providing advice in your best interest.  Our Subscription Model clients receive annual reviews and are able to reach out to our office as necessary for ongoing advice for no additional costs.  

We also provide low cost investment options for clients seeking investment management options.

To book an appointment with Mike Nakashima or Lauren Brown please contact our office toll free at (866) 727-1101.