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Investment Management

Investment Management and Fiduciary Advice

Investment Management

The best compliments we get from our clients is when they say, "We know you're watching the markets and our investments so we do not worry about it as much."

Retirement is supposed to be fun!  We know that some retirees enjoy watching over their money and making trades and do not want professional money management.   The clients of Innovate Financial vary from people who look at their investments daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly and desire Professional Money Management.  We can provide our clients with various risk tolerances from Conservative, Moderate, Moderate Aggressive and Aggressive.  When we establish your investment portfolio it is designed to match your risk tolerance.  

With Professional Investment Management we also provide the following:  

  • Our Primary Investment Platform is Orion Portfolio Solutions ( and our clients' investments are held at Charles Schwab (
  • Annual Reviews
  • A dedicated Financial Planning office with a Certified Financial Planner and Accounts Manager that are available Monday to Thursday to answer your financial planning questions as necessary.  
  • Active Investment Options that will adjust per our investment managers with the changes in the markets.  
  • Passive Investment Options that are lower cost and not reactionary to market swings and opportunities.  
  • Consolidation of Investments so that your one financial planning office can assist you and your loved ones (with your permission) as you age through retirement.  
  • Estate Planning assistance through so you can create your Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive and other legal documents.  We are not lawyers and can provide the service for free to our clients.  After getting access we request that you work with the team at for legal assistance.  
  • eMoney Web Portal where you can link important documents, monitor cash flow, monitor your investments, budget, goal plan and more.  We consider eMoney the absolute best financial planning software in the industry.  Clients of our firm receive free access.  
  • Investment changes as your life changes.
  • Assistance to families of clients needing support with life events.  
  • Tax Information that we will provide as ideas and you should confirm with your CPA or Tax Preparer.  
  • Ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management Support so that you can focus on the fun things in life and reduce your concerns about your money being invested properly.  

Your Comprehensive Analysis, Financial Reports Tailored to You and Our Recommendations to Help You Reach Your Goals:

As Fiduciaries and Certified Financial Planners™ we will analyze your total financial picture by discussing your plans, financial goals, workplace benefits, investments, debts and other financial considerations. Our clients receive ongoing support by meeting at least annually and having us available to them more as necessary.

We use the following software for our client meetings: eMoney Advisor, and Retirement Analyser, Redtail, Social Security Timing, Orion Portfolio Solutions, Albridge Wealth Reporting, and additional financial planning technology.

We use these tools to analyze your current situation, and forecast multiple retirement scenarios. eMoney is our most comprehensive financial planning software and we believe it to be the best in the financial planning industry. Our clients and advisors have access to their eMoney website and can link all of the client accounts, the financial plans, and the goal setting. eMoney also provides a secure vault for important financial documents.

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