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Be More Successful through Professional Guidance

Planning your Financial Days, weeks, months and years takes a lot of time.  Our Expertise includes:  

  • Innovate Financial is an Independent Financial Planning firm that can analyze and choose to work with who we see as the best investment options for our clients.  
  • We interview and analyze multiple investment firms annually and choose the best firms for clients.  
  • After determining your risk tolerance we will find the investment opportunities that align with your risk profile.  
  • As financial advisory clients (managed money) you will be able to meet with us annually and contact our office as needed for your ongoing financial planning questions.  
  • Most of our clients do not want to watch the markets and make investment decisions on a day to day (or month to month) frequency.  Our best clients trust in our office to lighten their financial planning load because we provide educated guidance to help them make good decisions.  
  • Also, financial planning is fun!  It's great to sit down with people who have empirical evidence of what works and what does not work for people so that we can help you apply our best practices to your portfolio.  
  • Mike Nakashima is a fiduciary and works in the client's best interest.  

Innovate Financial Inc, is founded on the principle that we should provide:

  1. Top Tier Investment Platforms (Orion Portfolio Solutions)
  2. Back Office Support and Compliance to Help Our Firm Run Smoothly (Concourse Financial Group Securities)
  3. The Best Financial Planning Software for running and analyzing your retirement scenarios (eMoney)
  4. Top Education for our Financial Planners (Certified Financial Planner™ Certification)
  5. Additional Qualifications to help us best serve our client (Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant™)
  6. Excellent Investment Reporting and Quality Custodians for our clients' accounts (Albridge and Charles Schwab)

We help Federal Employees answer these questions as plan for retirement.

  • Do I have enough to reasonably retire when I want to?
  • How is my FERS Pension calculated?
  • How does the FERS supplement work?
  • Do my survivors receive benefits from my FERS Pension (or CSRS Pension)?
  • How does working an additional year affect my retirement?
  • Can I retire early?
  • Is the TSP the best investment vehicle for retirement distributions?
  • How do TSP withdrawals work when I retire?
  • Should I take advantage of Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)?
  • What benefits do I have as a federal employee that our subsidized by the Federal Government?  
  • How does federal health insurance work in retirement?
  • How will taxes impact me in the future?
  • When should I collect Social Security?
  • How much retirement income will I have?

Your financial well-being and retirement are too important for confusion to be part of the equation.

Our team has received professional training on federal employee benefits and has been working extensively with federal employees since 2007.

Whether you are part of the FERS or CSRS (or Special Groups LEO, FF, ATC, 1811),  we can help you interpret the maze of federal acronyms and assist you along your retirement journey. A typical start to that journey involves putting a plan together that shows you how your benefits will work together to provide a retirement cash flow.

We do specialize in financial planning for federal employees and we are very proud of that.  It is so much better when your financial planning team understands the majority (if not all) of your financial planning investments and tools. 

If you are a federal employee and would like to set up a consultation please visit our Investment Management and Financial Planning pages. 

If you and/or your spouse are not a federal employee we are still happy to meet with you.  We have found that we can spend more time with all of our clients (federal employees and private sector) because we have a commonality with a lot of our clients.  The commonality with a lot of our clients allows us more time to focus on all of our clients' financial planning nuances.  

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