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Insurance Planning

Are you looking to increase or change your current life insurance coverage?  Have you been wondering if Long Term Care Insurance coverage is important for your portfolio?   We are independent financial planners and can help you shop the top insurance carriers for the right coverage at a great price. 

We offer the following insurance planning services: 

  • Step One:  Establish how much coverage you need and how much insurance you are already carrying. 
    • Review your financials, debt, household members and ages, and make considerations for future life events that may require a certain level of coverage. 
    • Shop for coverage from the top insurance carriers. 
    • Pick the right coverage for your situation.
    • For life insurance we will recommend term insurance, permanent insurance (universal life, whole life, variable life) depending on your need. 
  • Step Two:  take the application and go through underwriting.
  • Step Three:  after the underwriting process is complete we will meet again to accept coverage at an appropriate level. 

Compensation: with life insurance, long term care insurance, and disability insurance we will normally be compensated by the insurance company.  We will service the contract bi-annually and will be available to answer follow-up questions about your coverage.  We do not charge an additional fee and your only out of pocket expense will occur when you accept the coverage and start paying the premiums.