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Intro Course

Are you a millennial looking to align your goals and values with how you spend your money, time, and energy? Justin specializes in helping you understand how you think about your money and how to use it in a way that is personal to you. Personal finances is more personal than it is finance and we want to help you think critically about how you engage the topic of money. Rather than only  working with clients on an assets under management (AUM) basis, we can also work with young professionals and entrepreneurs through a monthly subscription model. 

If you want to understand how to do any number of things on this list you are a good fit to work with us

  • Create a budget
  • Understand what cash flow is & how to track it
  • How to manage debt effectively
  • How to plan around big one time purchases (i.e., car, house, wedding, etc.)
  • Manage credit effectively
  • What is insurance, how does it work, and do I need it? (i.e., car, home, disability, life, etc)
  • Where and how to invest
  • How do taxes work

Intro Course

Our best clients desire ongoing support, money management and advice. We establish relationships with our clients for long term planning. For our managed money platform, we use Orion Portfolio Solutions and the assets are held at TD Ameritrade. Our minimum new account size is $500,000. Our fee is 1% Annually of the assets we hold at Orion, and we will discount fees for clients investing over $750,000. The fees are deducted from the Orion platform on a monthly basis. There are no trading fees, and there are no upfront sales charges or backend penalties if you close the account. We discount our 1% Annual Fee for accounts/households who invest over $750,000 with us. At our discretion, if a client does not meet the $500,000 minimum account size (or has not yet retired) we can offer ongoing planning, reports and advice for $1000 for each analysis and review meeting.  

Your Comprehensive Analysis, Financial Reports Tailored to You and Our Recommendations to Help You Reach Your Goals:

As Fiduciaries and Certified Financial Planners™ we will analyze your total financial picture by discussing your plans, financial goals, workplace benefits, investments, debts and other financial considerations. Our clients receive ongoing support by meeting at least annually and having us available to them more as necessary.
We use the following software for our client meetings: eMoney Advisor, FERS/CSRS Benefit Calculator and Retirement Analyzer, Redtail, Social Security Timing, Orion Portfolio Solutions, and additional financial planning technology. We use these tools to analyze your current situation, and forecast multiple retirement scenarios. eMoney is our most comprehensive financial planning software and we believe it to be the best in the financial planning industry. Our clients and advisors have access to their eMoney website and can link all of the client accounts, the financial plans, and the goal setting. eMoney also provides a secure vault for important financial documents.

Your Federal Employee Benefits Retirement Package

Mike and Justin are both experts on the Federal Employee benefits. They speak nationally about FERS, FERS Special Groups, CSRS, CSRS Offset, FEGLI, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Federal Health Insurance and Federal Long Term Care Insurance. Justin and Mike are excellent at coordinating your federal benefits into your overall financial picture. At the initial consultation you will be provided with advice and guidance on how to manage your valuable federal employee benefits. You will receive a comprehensive report that shows what you are currently living on and what is reasonable for retirement. You will also receive a federal benefits report with strategies for making the most of your federal benefits both now and in retirement.

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