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Wealth Management 

Wealth Management 

The guidance of a Certified Financial Planner.

Certified Financial Planners™ and the Fiduciary Standard

Mike Nakashima is a Certified Financial Planners and follows the fiduciary standard's guidelines that all advice is given in the clients' best interest.  

Equally as important, Mike and Lauren continuously educate themselves about the financial markets, tax laws, employer benefits and have a wealth of experiences to find the best retirement route for you.  

Our Wealth Management clients pay an annual fee from their investment accounts of 1% or less in Advisory Fees.  We do discount for managed money accounts over $500,000.  The fees are paid from the investment platform and it is our goal to help our clients make money.  If our clients lose money, we lose revenue.  

Our Wealth Management clients enjoy semi-annual to annual meetings, ongoing advice, and an advocate in their corner.  This is the best platform for people who want to be forward thinking, invested wisely, and do not want to have to do all the legwork.  

We take financial planning seriously so that you can too without having to make your retirement planning a full time job.    

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